Learn the secrets to becoming an amazing man.

Do you want a way to make achieving your biggest goals in life as fun as a video game?

Do you want to be a part of a real brotherhood that will have your back through thick and thin?

Are you ready to become a stronger, smarter version of yourself?

If you answered 'Yes' to the questions above...Welcome Aboard.
Your first step is to join us in the
SPEAR 7 Day Challenge. 
In 7 days you will...
Upgrade Your Physical Body
If you are going to be great - you need to be in top physical shape. Period, end of story. 

Getting into great shape will...

√ Boost your Overall Energy Levels
√ Develop Greater Levels of Willpower and Confidence
√ Increase the Respect you receive from other people

In this 7 Day challenge, you will learn a simple ritual to increase your recovery times between workouts, and improve your physical performance.
Strengthen your Social Skills and Confidence
Your social skills open doors to opportunity in life. Are you confident enough to have a conversation with anyone?

Improving your Social Skills will...

√ Improve your success in attracting women
√ Develop the ability to start a conversation anywhere
√ Strengthen your self esteem and confidence

During the 7 days, you will practice hacking your mind for for self confidence...and start attracting the people and situations you want in life.

Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Game of Money
Are you ready to embrace the part of you psychology that will make you rich?

Improving your Financial IQ will...

√ Put you on the path to Financial Freedom - and living life on your own terms
√ Give you clarity on income generating activities in your life, and how to eliminate financial 'leaks' that are sucking you dry
√ Begin thinking like the rich and develop a gameplan for long term success

In this portion of the training, you will learn how to start thinking like the rich and commit to your success.
Learn the Most Powerful Breath Practice on Earth
Do you suffer from stress and anxiety?

Learn an ancient breathing practice the you can use to overcome anxiety and enter a state of 'peak-performance'.

Connect to your Purpose in Life
No matter how much money you make or what you drive, you need a deeper purpose in life.

Engage in exercise that will help to reveal the bigger purpose behind your life - and get a taste of the SPEAR Journey of realizing it.
SPEAR Takes 30 Minutes a Day.
You can achieve all of the results above with just 30 minutes a day. The key is consistency---and we are watching. 

Do you have the self discipline to check in once a day to improve your life? During these 7 days, we are both going to find out.

Join a True Brotherhood
Are you still trying to achieve your goals alone? At SPEAR, we have a secret weapon.

We work together. 

Within SPEAR, we push each other to higher levels of excellence and we help each and every man to achieve his potential. We inspire one another to do more than we did yesterday. We provide support in challenges and help each other to never give up. 

The SPEAR Team in San Diego, CA

Here’s What Men Are Saying:

Nick Ripplinger, Sgt. U.S. Army

"Just finished up the SPEAR Pilot and I have to say it's a step above any other program I've ever taken whether formal education, personal development, or online gives you every tool you need to be a successful man in the modern world, I can't recommend it enough."

Rousean Cromwell, Product Sales - BMW Corp.

"I would recommend SPEAR for anyone trying to better themselves whether at workplace, personally, or simply to achieve goals...SPEAR offered me an opportunity to learn so many life lessons and skills."

Jay Patel, Entrepreneur

“This community offers the personal development that our entire society desperately needs. The company you gain by participating in the program encourages you to explore and challenge your inner most self while maintaining a global perspective.”

Davin Skonberg, Creative Designer

“I believe that everyone who goes through SPEAR will be completely transformed and will also have clarity around the deepest areas of themselves that they need to develop further.”
To begin your SPEAR Training, you simply have to pass a few basic tests of initiative.
Are you ready to begin your training?
Are you ready to begin SPEAR?

Begin your training and level up your life.

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