Are you ready to commit to your greatness?
Join us on the journey of becoming extraordinary.

Do you want a way to make achieving your biggest goals in life as fun as a video game?

Do you want to be a part of a real brotherhood that will have your back through thick and thin?

Are you ready to become a stronger, smarter, and more balanced version of yourself?

If you answered 'Yes' to the questions above...Welcome Aboard.
Your first step is to join us in the
SPEAR 30 Day Experience. 
In 30 days you will...
Get into Amazing Physical Shape
Let's get you the body you want - because physical health is the foundation upon which everything in your life is built.

We custom build your physical training regimen, track it on our app, and our elite trainers who work with NFL, MLB, and other pro athletes guide you, give you feedback, and motivate you to success.

Strengthen your Social Skills and Confidence
Your social skills open doors to opportunity in life. Are you confident enough to have a conversation with anyone?

During the 30 days you will practice mastery of your emotions, develop laser-like ability to read social cues, hack your mind for confidence...and start attracting the people and situations you want in life.

Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Game of Money
Like it or not, money is an important part of our society, and every man needs to understand and master it.

Learn the mindsets and strategies of the rich, start to create your financial game-plan, and see if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. If you do, we may select to help you take your idea and make it real.
Hone your Mind and Learn to Meditate
Would like to work less, and yet accomplish more? Mindfulness is the key quality to cultivate.

Begin a powerful meditation practice scientifically proven to reduce stress, focus the mind, and activate the power of your intuition. 
Build your Master Plan For Success
Do you have a clear plan for your life...

Or are you blowing about in the wind?

Joining SPEAR will help you to define your life's mission, and improve on the plans you already have. This will happen through David Fabricius' Life Purpose Discovery model to help you get clear on your mission. David is a world renowned leadership, sales-motivation and life optimization speaker resource, a master executive coach, Fire-Walk facilitator and specialist trainer. We learn from the best of the best!
Join a True Brotherhood
We are a growing fraternity of positive, driven, visionary men who have realized an advantage. 

We work together. 

Within SPEAR, we push each other to higher levels of excellence and we help each and every man achieve his potential. We inspire one another to do more than we did yesterday. We provide support in challenges and help each other to never give up. If you are ready to do your best in life and to help others, you will be welcomed into a community unlike any other on earth.

The SPEAR Team in San Diego, CA

Our Next 30 Day Training Begins in:
SPEAR Takes 30 Minutes a Day.
You can achieve all of the results above with just 30 minutes a day. The key is consistency---and we are watching. 

Do you have the self discipline to check in once a day to improve your life? During these 30 days, we are both going to find out.

SPEAR will give you a tactical edge over the average guy. This is a path to excellence.

SPEAR is a culture of high performance

SPEAR is about results. This is not a culture of passive, couch ridden men playing video games and watching TV. This is a place where dreams come to life, because of our strong work ethic and our culture of initiative, responsiveness, and followthrough. If you want to be surrounded with that kind of culture, we are your brothers.

SPEAR is customized to YOU

We are all different- and we are all in different places in our lives. That's why YOU get to decide where you focus once you complete your first 30 days of SPEAR, and our Trainers want to know what your goals are so we can support you. This is not a one-size-fits-all path. This is an elite brotherhood where every member and their goals are important.
You Have Greatness Inside of you.

SPEAR will unlock it.
 You are on you way to becoming an amazing man. SPEAR is the next level of your training.
We built SPEAR as an epic adventure for men everywhere---men who are ready to become their ultimate selves. The missions you will tackle in SPEAR will equip you to build the real life you desire, and give you the training you need for massive success.

We built SPEAR to show the world what we are capable of. We built it most of all for ourselves...because and each and every one of us has battled with our own demons---depression, addiction, adversity, boredom, and self-loathing. We are here, doing this because we want more from life..and we don't want to go it alone. This is an elite  community where dreams come to life, and where good men become great.
Join us for 30 days and watch as your own dreams are clarified and your skills are sharpened...and you make a group of new friends who are committed to being their best selves.

Here’s What Men Are Saying:

Nick Ripplinger, Sgt. U.S. Army

"Just finished up the SPEAR Pilot and I have to say it's a step above any other program I've ever taken whether formal education, personal development, or online gives you every tool you need to be a successful man in the modern world, I can't recommend it enough."

Rousean Cromwell, Product Sales - BMW Corp.

"I would recommend SPEAR for anyone trying to better themselves whether at workplace, personally, or simply to achieve goals...SPEAR offered me an opportunity to learn so many life lessons and skills."

Jay Patel, Entrepreneur

“This community offers the personal development that our entire society desperately needs. The company you gain by participating in the program encourages you to explore and challenge your inner most self while maintaining a global perspective.”

Davin Skonberg, Creative Designer

“I believe that everyone who goes through SPEAR will be completely transformed and will also have clarity around the deepest areas of themselves that they need to develop further.”
To begin your SPEAR Training, you simply have to pass a few basic tests of initiative.
Are you ready to begin your training?
During your First month of SPEAR, you will receive:
- One month of daily modules from our online academy, including gorgeous HD videos, live webinars, and audio recordings helping you level up your real life.
- One on One Coaching with a SPEAR Trainer to help you clarify your goals and build your unique training plan
- One month of physical training and coaching on our custom app
- Ability to unlock points, gear, and status within the SPEAR Community
- The Accountability and team you need to propel toward you biggest dreams

Are you ready to begin SPEAR?
Begin your training and level up your life.
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